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Personal Chef

If you are too busy to cook healthy meals at home, let Flying Garlic help you!

Our Cleveland-based personal chef service provides quality nutritional meals to your household and is priced competitively when compared to dining out. We cook balanced meals on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule and accommodate any dietary requirements and restrictions.

We use organic products and hormone-free meat, when possible, delivering portion controlled meals (i.e. 6 oz. of proteins; 4 oz. of grains or starch and 4 oz. of vegetables) in reusable boxes that you can store in your refridgerator and reheat as needed. We also prepare salads and soups for lunches, can provide kid-friendly meals, additional portions on a one-time basis and desserts upon request.

Every new service begins with a food survey to assess your likes, dislikes and goals as well as any dietary restrictions or food allergies. We will then prepare a weekly menu according to your profile. All food is prepared off-site and delivered to your home. Your meal is packed, labeled and ready to store.

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